Potable Water Quality Assurance

Ensuring Purity, Safety, and Compliance in Every Drop

Clean, safe drinking water is a fundamental human necessity. Ensuring its quality, especially in storage and transport systems, is paramount for public health and wellbeing. At Water Systems Australia, we specialise in inspection services tailored for potable water systems, ensuring that every drop aligns with the stringent standards set by AS3500.

Our Comprehensive Potable Water Quality Assurance Services:

1. System Inspections:

A thorough evaluation of potable water storage and transport systems to identify potential contamination sources, structural vulnerabilities, or inefficiencies. Our inspections encompass tanks, pipelines, and associated infrastructure, ensuring holistic system health.

2. Water Quality Testing:

Utilising advanced testing tools and methodologies, we assess the potability of the water. This includes testing for microbial contaminants, chemical pollutants, and other potential hazards, ensuring the water is safe for consumption.

3. AS3500 Compliance Checks:

Our team is well-versed with the AS3500 standards, which dictate the specifications for potable water systems in Australia. Post-inspection, we provide detailed reports indicating areas of compliance and recommending corrective measures for any deviations.

4. Infrastructure Integrity Assessment:

Beyond water quality, the structural integrity of potable water systems is essential to prevent leaks, contaminations, or service disruptions. Our assessments evaluate the condition of tanks, pipelines, and other components, recommending repairs or upgrades as needed.

5. Continuous Monitoring Solutions:

For clients seeking ongoing assurance, we offer monitoring solutions that provide real-time data on water quality and system health. This proactive approach aids in early detection and swift resolution of potential issues.

Why Choose Water Systems Australia for Potable Water Quality Assurance?

Expertise: Our team of professionals is trained in potable water system inspections, ensuring meticulous and comprehensive evaluations.
AS3500 Mastery: We prioritise adherence to the AS3500 standards, ensuring your systems are not only safe but also compliant with Australian regulations.
Advanced Tools: Leveraging the latest in water testing and inspection technology, we guarantee accuracy and precision in our findings.
Customer-Centric Approach: Every inspection is tailored to the client’s specific system and needs, ensuring optimal service satisfaction.

We can also provide services in the following:

  • Thermal Imaging Inspections
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Testing
  • Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) Assessments
  • AS1657 Walkways & Handrails Compliance Assessments