Stormwater Systems

Upholding Australian Standards in Stormwater System
Inspections and Audits

Australia’s commitment to preserving its unique environment is underpinned by stringentstandards, especially when it comes to the treatment and management of stormwater.

Water Systems Australia, a pioneer in the inspection field, is dedicated to ensuring thesestandards are not just met but maintained and surpassed. We prioritize safety, efficiency,and stringent compliance, focusing on the nuances of local council stormwater system performance requirements.

The Significance of Stormwater Detention Systems

Stormwater detention systems, especially those employing cartridge detention tanks, are instrumental in controlling the flow of stormwater. These systems temporarily hold rainwater and then release it at a controlled rate, minimising the risk of flooding and downstream surge. By harnessing the filtration capabilities of cartridges, such tanks provide an additional layer of treatment, ensuring cleaner discharge and reduced environmental impact.

The Role of Turbidity and Australian Standards

Turbidity, a measure of water’s cloudiness or haziness, is a critical parameter in assessing the quality of water in stormwater systems. Australian standards set strict benchmarks for turbidity levels, reflecting our nation’s commitment to preserving our unique ecosystems. Fluctuations in turbidity can signal potential system issues or breaches in these standards, emphasising the necessity for regular monitoring.

Why Every Stormwater System Needs an Annual Audit

An annual stormwater system audit isn’t just a regulatory formality; it’s a preventative health check for your infrastructure. Given the dynamic nature of stormwater systems, they’re vulnerable to wear, environmental changes, and accumulated contaminants. Regular audits detect issues before they escalate, saving substantial future repair costs and ensuring consistent alignment with Australian standards.

Our Premier Stormwater System Inspection and Audit Services

Mobile Turbidity Sampling: An 80% reduction in turbidity across a detention tank filtration system is required by most Australian councils. Our mobile turbidity test protocol allows both suppliers and regulators to know exactly how their detention filtration system is performance and whether there is a pending environmental risk.

Pipe Camera Inspection: Our advanced pipe camera technology allows us to thoroughly inspect your stormwater system without the need for invasive procedures. With this real-time feedback, we can swiftly detect issues such as blockages, cracks, and structural abnormalities.

Water Sampling: This isn’t just about meeting standards – it’s about setting them. We meticulously sample the water to ascertain its quality, ensuring that potential pollutants are kept well below the thresholds defined by Australian standards.

Sludge Testing: Sludge can inhibit your system’s performance. We determine its composition and volume, enabling us to recommend the best maintenance or cleaning strategies.

Cartridge Replacement in Detention Tanks: The cartridges in your detention tank play a vital role in stormwater treatment. We assess them for efficiency and wear, replacing them when needed to uphold the highest treatment standards.

Stormwater System Audit: Our all-encompassing stormwater system audit evaluates every part of your system. We ensure that from the point of water entry to its eventual discharge, every segment operates seamlessly and in adherence to Australian norms.

Stormwater Performance Analysis: We delve deeper than merely identifying challenges. We evaluate the holistic performance of your stormwater system, offering insights and actionable recommendations to enhance its efficiency and longevity.

Commit to Excellence with Water Systems Australia

Ensuring that your stormwater system is compliant, efficient, and resilient is an investment in both the safety of your property and the health of Australia’s unique environment. Rely on Water Systems Australia for unparalleled inspection and audit services. Our profound expertise in civil engineering, coupled with our commitment to maintaining and surpassing Australian standards, makes us the trusted choice nationwide.