ROV Drone Inspections

Dive Deep to Discover the Unseen with our ROV Drone Inspections

Hidden beneath the water’s surface, a plethora of critical assets remains concealed. Our advanced ROV Drone Inspections are designed to unveil and assess these submerged assets, ensuring their ongoing well-being and longevity.

Why Choose Our ROV Drone Inspections?

Precision and Clarity: Our ROV Drones utilise cutting-edge technology to capture clear, high-resolution images, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation and leaving no detail unnoticed.

Versatility in Application: Furthermore, our ROV Drones excel at navigating various underwater environments, transitioning seamlessly from expansive dams to intricate structures and water storage tanks.

Safety First: Safety is paramount. Our ROVs minimise the risks associated with human divers, guaranteeing a secure and comprehensive inspection process.

Data-Driven Insights: Following the inspection, our dedicated team transforms the collected data into actionable insights. These insights provide valuable information about the health and longevity of your underwater assets.

Cost-Effective Preventive Maintenance: One of the standout advantages of our ROV Drone Inspections is their ability to alert tank owners to potential issues before they become critical. This proactive approach allows for cost-effective preventive maintenance, helping you avoid expensive repairs while ensuring the continued health of your assets.

Economical Solutions: Conventional underwater inspection methods are often both expensive and time-consuming. In contrast, our ROV Drone Inspections provide significant cost and time savings without any compromise on quality.

Applications Include:

Water Storage Tanks: Monitor for sediment buildup, corrosion, breaches, and overall tank health.

Dams: Inspect for signs of wear, sediment buildup, and structural integrity.

Underwater Pipelines: Identify potential leaks, corrosion, and impending blockages.

Marine Structures: Evaluate foundations, supports, and potential damage from environmental factors or other elements.

Water Treatment Facilities: Thoroughly examine submerged components for signs of wear or malfunction.

Some of the issues found by our ROV Drone Inspections:

Our ROV Drone Inspections not only uncover the unseen but also empower you with proactive measures for asset maintenance and cost savings. Choose precision, versatility, and safety with our comprehensive underwater inspection solutions.

We can also provide services in the following:

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  • Ultrasonic Thickness Testing
  • Microbiologically Influenced Corrosion (MIC) Assessments
  • AS1657 Walkways & Handrails Compliance Assessments