Revitalise, Enhance, and Extend with Expert Refurbishments


Over time, tanks and pipelines, the linchpins of numerous industrial and residential systems, can experience wear, corrosion, and degradation. Regular refurbishments is paramount to breathe new life into these vital assets, ensuring they continue to function optimally and safely. At Water Systems Australia, we are pioneers in tank and pipeline refurbishments, ensuring durability, efficiency, and extended service life.


Our Comprehensive Refurbishment Services Include:


1. Detailed Assessments:

Thorough inspections are conducted to assess the extent of wear, damage, or corrosion within tanks or pipelines. These comprehensive assessments provide valuable insights into the condition of the infrastructure. Subsequently, customised refurbishment plans are developed, tailored to address the specific requirements of each tank or pipeline. This individualised approach ensures that the refurbishment process precisely meets the needs of the infrastructure, optimising its longevity and functionality. By combining these meticulous inspections with tailored refurbishment plans, we effectively extend the lifespan of tanks and pipelines while maintaining their optimal performance and reliability.

2. Corrosion Treatment & Protection:

The refurbishment process involves the elimination of rust, scaling, and corroded sections from the infrastructure. Subsequently, protective coatings and treatments are meticulously applied to prevent future corrosion. This comprehensive approach not only restores the structural integrity of the tanks or pipelines but also ensures their long-term durability. By addressing current issues and proactively guarding against future corrosion, we enhance the overall reliability and longevity of the infrastructure, guaranteeing its continued functionality and safety for the foreseeable future.

3. Structural Reinforcements:

The refurbishment process can also include reinforcing weakened or vulnerable sections of tanks and pipelines, prioritising structural integrity and safety. This entails targeted strengthening measures to fortify areas susceptible to damage or wear. Post-refurbishment, stringent assessments are conducted to ensure that the structural integrity of the infrastructure is maintained at the highest standard, guaranteeing its safety and reliability. By strengthening these sections and conducting thorough inspections, we not only extend the lifespan of the tanks and pipelines but also assure their ongoing performance, safeguarding both infrastructure and surrounding areas.

4. Quality Assurance & Testing:

Following the refurbishment process, post-refurbishment tests are conducted to rigorously verify the performance and safety of the refurbished assets. These assessments are a crucial part of ensuring that the assets meet or exceed their intended functionality. Additionally, continuous monitoring options are made available for proactive maintenance, specifically tailored to safeguard the assets’ optimal condition. By prioritising these measures post-refurbishment, we guarantee that the assets not only undergo successful refurbishment but also remain in peak condition over the long term, maximising their longevity and efficiency.


Why Choose Water Systems Australia for Refurbishments?


Experience & Expertise: Years of hands-on experience ensure we tackle each refurbishment project with precision and care.
Cost-Effective Solutions: Refurbishing tanks and pipelines can significantly extend their lifespan, leading to long-term savings.
Safety First: Every refurbishment project prioritises safety, ensuring that all assets are compliant with industry standards.
Tailored Approach: We understand that every tank and pipeline has its unique challenges. Our solutions are bespoke, designed to cater to individual needs.