10 Yearly Drain & Cleans

Water System Australia’s 10 Yearly Drain & Cleans

Tanks, serving as reservoirs for various purposes, accumulate sediments, debris, and possible contaminants over time. While regular maintenance is essential, a comprehensive 10 yearly clean ensures these tanks meet the rigorous standards set by AS1851, safeguarding the quality of the stored material and extending the tank’s lifespan. At Water Systems Australia, we specialise in the 10 Yearly Tank Drain and Clean, adhering strictly to the AS1851 standards.

Our 10 Yearly Tank Drain and Clean Process:

Initial Assessment:

Our 10 Yearly Tank Drain & Clean Process begins with a comprehensive assessment of the tank’s condition. This step involves a meticulous inspection to understand the tank’s current state and identify any specific challenges. The information gathered during this phase serves as the foundation for strategising the subsequent cleaning process, ensuring it’s tailored to the tank’s unique requirements.


To minimise waste and environmental impact, we employ safe and systematic draining techniques. This process ensures that the tank is emptied efficiently and responsibly, adhering to environmental regulations and sustainability principles.

Sediment and Debris Removal:

Image of two different tanks. One has regular tank cleans, the other is due for the 10 yearly.

Accumulated sediments, sludge, and debris at the tank’s base are meticulously removed using a combination of manual and mechanised methods. This step is essential for restoring the tank’s full capacity and preventing contamination.

Surface Cleaning:

Image of tank floor after tank cleaning.

We go the extra mile by scrubbing and cleaning the tank’s interior surfaces. This thorough cleaning process eliminates biofilms, stains, and any adhered contaminants, ensuring that the tank is left in pristine condition.


Meeting AS1851 requirements, we apply approved disinfectants to eradicate microbial contaminants, guaranteeing that the tank is free from harmful pathogens. This step is critical for maintaining water quality and safety.

Integrity Check:

Post-cleaning, we conduct a comprehensive inspection to detect any signs of wear, corrosion, or damage. This ensures the tank’s structural integrity, offering peace of mind that it will continue to perform reliably.

Refilling & Quality Test:

The tank is refilled, and we conduct rigorous quality tests on the stored material to verify that it meets purity standards. This final step ensures that the tank is ready to deliver safe and clean substances while adhering to quality control measures.

Why Choose Water Systems Australia’s AS1851 Compliant Service?

  • Adherence to Standards: Our cleaning process is rigorously aligned with the AS1851 standards, ensuring both safety and compliance.
  • Expertise: Our team is trained specifically in AS1851 cleaning protocols, guaranteeing a meticulous and thorough service.
  • Quality Assurance: Beyond cleaning, we ensure the stored material post-clean meets or exceeds quality benchmarks.
  • Sustainability: Our cleaning processes are designed to be environmentally conscious, minimising waste and ecological impact.