Liquid Rubber Lining

Seal, Protect, and Prolong with Advanced Liquid Rubber Solutions


Water storage tanks play a pivotal role in numerous applications, from supplying potable water, fire protection to supporting industrial processes. To ensure these tanks operate efficiently and last for years, they need more than just robust construction—they need protection from within. Enter our Liquid Rubber Lining solutions.


Why Choose Liquid Rubber Lining for Your Tanks?


Seamless Protection:

Liquid rubber lining creates a continuous, seamless membrane, eliminating vulnerabilities associated with joints or seams found in traditional linings. This ensures a robust and consistent protective barrier.

Superior Adhesion:

Our liquid rubber lining adheres firmly to the tank’s interior, forming a long-lasting bond that resists peeling or chipping, providing enduring protection.

Chemical Resistance:

Engineered to withstand various chemicals, our lining safeguards the tank’s contents, preserving both the tank and its stored materials.

Enhanced Longevity:

Liquid rubber lining protects against corrosion, leaks, and wear, extending the operational life of water storage tanks.


Liquid rubber’s excellent elastomeric properties allow it to expand and contract without cracking, making it ideal for diverse temperature conditions.

Quick Application & Cure Times:

Our liquid rubber solutions minimise downtime with swift application and reduced cure times compared to traditional methods.


Applications Include:


Potable Water Tanks: Ensure the purity of stored drinking water by preventing contaminants from seeping into or from the tank.
Industrial Storage Tanks: Protect against corrosive or abrasive contents, ensuring consistent performance and longevity.
Agricultural Tanks: Safeguard water sources vital for irrigation and livestock, ensuring they remain uncontaminated.