Tank Liners

Elevate Your Storage with Premium Tank Liners

This is an image of the top of a new WSA WaterShield tank bladder installed by Water Systems Australia

Water storage tanks, whether for drinking, fire, industrial, or agricultural purposes, demand the utmost protection from within to ensure longevity and purity of contents. At the intersection of innovation and quality, our range of tank linersHDPE, RPVC, and PVC – stand as beacons of reliability and efficiency.

Why Our Tank Liners Stand Out:


Our tank liners are a testament to versatility. With a comprehensive suite of liner materials, including HDPE, RPVC, and PVC, we provide tailored solutions to accommodate diverse needs and applications. This ensures optimal performance, regardless of the specific use or industry, making our tank liners highly adaptable and reliable.


Exceptional durability is a hallmark of our tank liners. Reinforced for added strength, they offer exceptional tear resistance, making them resilient even in the most demanding conditions. This durability ensures that our liners can withstand wear and tear over extended periods, providing long-lasting protection for your tanks.

Leak Prevention:

Our continuous lining systems, combined with fewer seams, significantly reduce the risk of leaks. This proactive approach to leak prevention offers added security, safeguarding your tank’s contents and preventing potential environmental hazards.

Resistance Prowess:

Crafted to resist a broad spectrum of chemicals and UV degradation, our tank liners excel in protecting both your tank’s structural integrity and its valuable contents. Their resistance capabilities ensure that your tanks remain intact and that stored substances are safe from external factors.

Tailored Fit:

We understand that every tank is unique. Our tank liners are custom-tailored to fit your specific tank dimensions precisely. This tailored fit ensures comprehensive protection, leaving no room for vulnerabilities or gaps that could compromise the tank’s integrity.

Maintenance Ease:

Our tank liners not only provide excellent protection but also simplify maintenance. Their properties repel contaminants, making cleaning processes swift and efficient. This reduces maintenance times and ensures that your tank remains in optimal condition with minimal effort, enhancing overall efficiency.

Applications Include:

Potable Water Tanks: Guard the sanctity of stored drinking water, ensuring freshness and purity.
Industrial Storage Tanks: Protect against diverse industrial fluids, maintaining the tank’s structural integrity and content quality.
Agricultural Tanks: Secure vital water sources for irrigation and livestock, ensuring consistent quality.

Choose the Right Tank Liner for Your Needs:

HDPE Liners: Known for their rigidity and resistance to chemicals, they’re ideal for heavy-duty applications.
RPVC Liners: Reinforced for added strength and durability, these liners offer a balance of flexibility and toughness.
PVC Liners: Lightweight, flexible, they are a popular choice for a variety of tank types.