Case Study: Comprehensive Inspection and Restoration of a Fire Tank

Case Study: Comprehensive Inspection and Restoration of a Fire Tank


In the wake of growing concerns about infrastructure resilience and compliance in the water storage and management industry, a notable incident presented an opportunity for Water Systems Australia to demonstrate its expertise. Our team was commissioned to inspect a fire tank that had not undergone maintenance checks for an extended period. This case study encapsulates the challenges encountered, the innovative approach adopted, and the outcomes achieved, underscoring our commitment to delivering turnkey solutions in water tank and pipeline management.


Upon engagement, it became evident that the fire tank in question was in a state of neglect, raising significant concerns about its functionality and safety. The primary challenges identified were:

  1. Internal Lining Degradation: The internal lining of the tank exhibited extensive damage, characterised by bubbling and cracking, compromising the tank’s integrity and water containment capabilities.
  2. Corrosion of Internal Components: A thorough assessment revealed significant corrosion within the tank’s internal components, exacerbating the risk of system failure.
  3. Inlet Malfunction: The main inlet, crucial for the tank’s operational efficacy, was found to be non-functional, hindering water flow and accessibility.

These issues not only posed immediate risks to the tank’s functionality but also highlighted the urgent need for a comprehensive refurbishment strategy to ensure compliance and safety.


Leveraging our extensive experience and technical prowess in water system management, Water Systems Australia devised and implemented a multifaceted restoration plan tailored to address the specific challenges of this project. The solution encompassed:

  1. Advanced Diagnostic Assessment: Utilising state-of-the-art equipment, including an ROV Drone, our technicians conducted a detailed analysis of the tank’s condition. This approach enabled the identification of critical issues without the need for invasive procedures, thereby minimising further risk to the tank’s integrity.
  2. Customised Repair Plan: Based on the diagnostic insights, a custom procedure was formulated to not only rectify the identified issues but also to enhance the tank’s longevity and compliance. The plan prioritised minimal system downtime to prevent significant disruptions to the client’s operations.
  3. Implementation of Cutting-Edge Solutions: The repair strategy included the replacement of the compromised internal lining with a high-grade, durable alternative, the restoration or replacement of corroded components, and the repair of the main inlet to restore optimal functionality.


The execution of the tailored repair plan yielded remarkable results, reinstating the fire tank’s operational efficiency and compliance with industry standards. Key outcomes included:

  1. Restored Tank Integrity: The replacement of the internal lining and repair of damaged components ensured the tank’s structural integrity, eliminating leakages and potential contamination risks.
  2. Enhanced System Reliability: With the main inlet restored and internal components refurbished, the tank’s reliability and performance were significantly improved, ensuring dependable fire protection capabilities.
  3. Compliance and Safety Assurance: The comprehensive repair not only brought the tank back into compliance with relevant standards but also enhanced its safety profile, providing peace of mind to the client and stakeholders.


This project underscores Water Systems Australia’s commitment to delivering excellence in water tank and pipeline solutions. By addressing complex challenges with innovative solutions, we not only restored the functionality of a critical fire tank but also reinforced our position as a leader in the water industry. Our approach, centred on minimal disruption, cost-effectiveness, and compliance, exemplifies our dedication to supporting our clients through unparalleled expertise and service.